Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas

One way to tolerate Christmas

 Enough said…….

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mazatlán Garbage Mountain

As the end of the year fast approaches and the rounds of parties, boozing and eating begins, we would all like to know where the debris from those occasions go. Well I wanted to know so we at MazReal took a trip to where all our household crap goes if you live in Mazatlán. So for anyone who has not been up the top of this mountain of garbage, very few I suspect unless you had the opportunity of going with The Vineyard Ministries Garbage Mountain Tour to hand out water and a snack, here you go. This is what happens to it…………...

As you can see, there is no need to recycle at source as it is efficiently done here in the stink and heat and these people can earn a few paltry pesos to do it for us. We can only guess who makes the bulk of the recycling money? Not the individuals who do all the work I suspect. However I have a notion but we don't want to go too deep in that direction.

So have a merry Christmas and watch this vid in its full colour and glory full screen by clicking the 1080 HD button.

Produced, filmed, directed and edited by MazReal Productions.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Zimbabwe A Brief Photographic Tour

English weather is always bloody awful so to get away MazReal staff and servants took ourselves off to Zimbabwe Central Africa to escape from the damp and chill for a few weeks. We were to indulge ourselves in a first class tented safari but we got arrested not long after entry and consequently had to lie low after our interrogation and release. Here are some images we bought back as we hastily headed back south to the border and the relative safety of South Africa. As you may see, many of them are taken through the windows of a fast moving car.

The Zimbabwean government decided a while back to embrace the US Dollar as it's own one hundred billion dollar* Zimbabwean note was running out of space to daily add the extra noughts due to the country's rampant inflation. They do not have the foreign currency to send back to the US its $s for recycling so their own are becoming a tad grubby, floppy and well-used. Hence the picture of a worn out buck.

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Food - Kid Restaurant Outside Tepic Nayarit

Round about here on the Tepic to Guadalajara libre 15, 15 Kms passed the 15D highway cuota and turn off to La Laguna de Santa Maria is a restaurant that serves barbecued kid (kid of goat) and other meats. I forgot the name of it or maybe it does not have a name but you cannot miss it if you are heading south to Guadalajara from Tepic. There will always be trucks and cars parked up outside.

It is even worth taking the 3 - 4 hours trip from Mazatlán to go check it out and if you do not mind the sight of skewered baby goat and lamb cooking around a large log fire in the entrance and a few chickens and crowing roosters wandering around the interior, we highly recommend it.

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This Is London - Yesterday

London's previous major decided London should not allow skyscrapers to ruin it's flat, Victorian skyline except in a designated area called Canary Wharf from where these images were taken. The newer mayor, however, has encouraged the opposite. Now new 'interesting' buildings are appearing annually and Londoners like giving names to these new tall buildings. Three of these were not here the last time we were in this city which is just over a year ago and they are from left to right: The Shard, The Cheese Grater, The Solar Panel and The Gerkin.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Death and Taxes.

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

MazReal and its staff are back in The Big City to submit our tax returns and earn money to pay those taxes.

The Big City has a hallucinogenic quality after living within the conservatism of an expat community. Opening the apartment door this morning to a UPS courier dressed in drag delivering a parcel only adds to that quality and makes one grateful for the opportunity to get out of town and experience it.

So join with us and switch the lights off, put this on full screen and turn the volume up  'till we get back in December so we may continue our uninterrupted life of ease and tranquility under the Mexican sun.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mark Anthony And His Mobile Oven

Don't know if you have ever heard on the streets of Mazatlán a loud steamy whistle that sounds like your drunk next door neighbour is blowing his lungs out through a kiddies cheap tin wind instrument for no reason at all? Well, where we are it is Marco Antonio and his travelling oven passing by advertising himself with his steam powered whistle. 

From his wood-fired oven he sells baked bananas and baked sweet potato for 25 pesos a pop. 

 I don't think I have ever tasted anything so delicate and sweet as the sweet potatoes. The same goes for the bananas. Man they're good..

This guy is a genius.

Apparently they are a common sight in D.F. and there are 5 of these mobile ovens here in Mazatlán.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mazatlán Summer News

MazReal just got back from their summer holidays in Chile and discovered that it was actually winter down there. That made the capital Santiago to be even more soulless and depressing than it normally is. Imagine yourself holed-up indefinitely in some city in the land of the cuckoo clocks called Switzerland, that inward looking piece of lush land hidden somewhere in the Alps. A scenario that would make any person want to jump off the terrace of the 21st floor apartment. Many a day I found myself teetering on the threshold of that exact floor at the thought of spending 7 more weeks trying figure out what to do with myself so instead locked myself into a cycle of drinking endless Pisco Sours and eating long leisurely lunches. I put on 2 kilos in weight from the sugary cocktail concoctions but did manage to forget at least the last 6 weeks of the experience. I was told I had spent most of it in a tent eating bird shit in Tierra Del Fuego.

Meanwhile it is summer in Mazatlán and for those of us suffering we can read the annual 'how to cope with a Mazatlán summer' article in the local expat rag. The writer of which seems to have fully acclimatized to it to such an extent that his air conditioning unit is actually switched to 'heat' as he now finds it a tad cool. In a previous blog we suggested the easiest way to cope was to hire a punkawalla fresh from the Indian subcontinent but now as we have air conned our office to within an inch of its life we can spend blissful days in arctic conditions and have no need for human powered fan-wavers.

However in the interim much has been happening in this fine city of under the new Felteen administration:

The summer is here and our new city president Senor Fultime (who used his position at Jumapen and its database of 10s of thousands of client's emails to illegally lobby voters to vote in his favour and probably tip the balance his way) has put forward his first Feltin Public Awareness Campaigns 2013-2014 for ways of surviving the 'big heat' and other useful ideas to live a better life in Mazatlán..............

Baby News

Good tips for baby, he suggests, if you live in a luxurious NoMa apartment lording over the riffraff,  is to build a cage and stick the thing (baby) in it outside so it may catch the cool Pacific breezes and probably be pecked alive by our wonderful boiled headed turkey vultures, shrieking Kiskadees and squawking Grackles. One can close the window and forget about its screaming for a few days allowing the wee tike to luxuriate in its own surroundings soaking up the atmosphere of the great outdoors.

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Reporting At Its Finest!

Come on TALK, you only been shot in the stomach we need a sound bite! Or at least a gurgle.

Veracruz, Mexico. Photo by: Félix Márquez

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What You Miss If You Are A Snowbird.

All photographs taken from Olas Altas on this day between 6 am and 6.30 am.

Mazatlán during the winter months provides nice sunset skies virtually every day but in my opinion you can see just too much of them. Whereas in the hot summer months during the rainy season you can observe these skies if you get up early enough. These cold grey skies bursting with energy are less frequent and you have to be on your toes because they don't last long due to the strong winds sweeping them across the horizon and when the sun fully rises, the light destroys the drama.

©2013 Matt Mawson

MazReal Return From Scientific Study in Tierra Del Fuego Chile.

MazReal staff just got back after two months scientifically measuring the flow of glaciers with a tape measure and pencil in Tierra del Fuego and as you can expect it takes a while to see anything moving as geological time proceeds very slowly. Two months in fact to measure one centimetre flowage.  

We astoundingly discovered that the 'movement' was not forward movement at all but was in fact movage backwards. You see, glaciers are really moving backwards and not at all melting from the global increase in temperature because as we discovered it was fucking freezing down there so how could glaciers melt.

Here is a picture of the great Helen Mirren in the film The Tempest used just to illustrate the extreme weather conditions down there. As we bartered our camera for magic mushrooms and albatross eggs we couldn't illustrate how bad the weather was. But we know it was tempestuous as we experienced it first hand.

This astounding discovery of 'natural uphill frozen water movement' contrary to the laws of physics has yet to be taken seriously by the wider scientific community.  But we are hopeful that we are on the brink of a Nobel Prize for something or other. Our new theory of NUPFROW has been taken up in earnest by all members of the GOP and fellow climate change sceptics. Although we have been labelled as flat-earthers, crazy, out of touch and fucking idiots [sic] we stand by our convictions that glaciers move uphill and Tierra Del Fuego is not as warm as The Namibian Desert Hot Plate as it is purported to be.

Anyone who wants to disprove it can just bugger off with their tape measure to the loneliest, coldest wettest most hostile wintery windy place on the planet, sit in a pup tent for 8 weeks eating nothing but lichen, guano and stinkpot birds cooked in various ways and drink puddle water. There you will undoubtably see the backward movement of frozen water and the albatrosses that turn into super models and the garden gnome called Garth that delivers pizza.

Whilst there we did in fact become kind of friendly with a group of Ona Fuegians, the local inhabitants of that region and they would dance by and allow us to share in their ritual of mushroom eating naked body painting. It was after such sessions that we proved our astounding theory

The Ona Fuegians did not allow us to take pictures of them as they considered our 2G iPhones 3s were sooo out of date so we asked them take these wonderful pictures of us with their 4G iPhone 5s. These images illustrate how normal we considered we still looked  after we had been down at the arse end of the world for 7 weeks.

Our scientific work done on global climate change we are now hoping for some Tea Party funding to prove their theory that 5 million Mexicans are illegally crossing the border north every day and shooting dead anyone who gets in their way. We will be billeting ourselves this time in a 5 star establishment in Bisbee Az. going out every day with the hard working  socialist and humanitarian thinking Arizona border patrol.

Back now in tropical Mazatlán our famous scientific team are to prove once and for all that male expats don't always, as cynically reported, wear cargo shorts, moustaches, sandals and Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirts for everything including the opera and weddings.

Our paparazzi  photographer, Enzo 'The Cosh' Montana caught this group of expats lads in their untypical 'going out' smart attire who decided this time to dress up as they think European men dress to go to meetings. 

They are mincingly heading out for a powwow with the newly elected Great Leader Of The People Senor Felton to discuss the expat grievance that suggests it is really difficult to pursue frivolous court cases in Mexico whereas in the USA and Canada and coming soon to the UK it is de rigueur to sue the fuck out of anyone whenever it takes their fancy. 

This grievance was sparked by a report by James in the BajaInsider Blog that gives advice to people who want to move south from the north.

James says this:

 "Yes, there is corruption in Mexico and while it has gotten better in most areas, it still exists and the process of suing someone in Mexico is difficult at best even for the Mexican citizen."

In the resulting short but not so sweet confab, Senor Felton the Great Iguana reportedly screamed:   

"@£%*@!(*&^%$£** you @£$£@$ gringos, why don't you £@$%$£@ off back to the crazy planet from whence you came."

As the astounded group of prominent expat men rushed staggering for the door in their Jimmy Choo high heels, Senor Felton was heard to shout 

"And those shoulder pads are so last decade."

© MazReal 2013 Pardric O'Fukem The MazReal scientific correspondent. (Last seen naked and painted green swimming towards Cabo where he heard that is was easy to sue the state of Sinaloa for defamation and lost wages for allowing that he paint himself green and swim to Cabo. He is said to be asking for the amount of the trade surplus of the combined China and the USA economies and replace the CEO of Apple Inc.)

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Friday, May 17, 2013


SECTUR's wonderful campaign on what makes Mazatlán for the foreigner the wonderful place it is introduced us to some pleasurable pastimes undertaken by some of our kin shouting the words "THIS IS MY MAZATLÁN" after a brief insight into what makes their Mazatlán. Isn't it amazing what one's desire for their 10 seconds of fame can unearth in all its eccentricity.

We have one or two favourites especially the one when they threw a man into a shark tank. He was later dragged out minus four limbs but was lucky enough to still retain enough lung to croak "This is my Mazatlán" before expiring. No longer enjoying the use of a right arm he was unable to do a 'thumbs up'.

A sharp-eyed passerby snapped this terrifying cell phone image of a diver being torn asunder from a deadly killer fish of some sort. Maybe the detached hand is giving the "thumbs up"

It appears from our second favourite  "This is my Mazatlán" that church-going is a happy occurrence but from our own experience it is a rather sad place to go to seek redemption from a murder committed or a robbery you undertook and it is therein where you can be assured of immediate forgiveness. However the captured couple smilingly praying seem to be enjoying the experience and from the radiant looks on their countenances and their keen 'thumbs up' on exiting probably accounted for their prayers being answered. Lets hope they prayed for world peace rather than winning the lottery.

The 'up-the-nose' shot of the church-going "This is my Mazatlán" couple indicating to the heavens that that's what makes 'Their Mazatlán.'
(Just go to youtube and type in This is my mazatlan to see all the delights mentioned above and more....)

MaReal staff have to get in on the act and have compiled a list of what makes Mazatlán the Pearl of the Pacific it deserves to be. 

We sent out our amateur photographer and cub reporter Justine "Bill" Farnsworth to interview typical foreigners on what makes their Mazatlán.

"Bill" Farnsworth

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Artspeak # 2

"The artist brings the viewer face to face with their own preconceived hierarchy of cultural values and assumptions of artistic worth. Each mirror imaginatively propels its viewer forward into the seemingly infinite progression of possible reproductions that the artist's practice engenders, whilst simultaneously pulling them backwards in a quest for the 'original' source or referent that underlines Levine's oeuvre."

quote from Simon Lee gallery on an exhibition by Sherrie Levine.

I would like to read what this artist has to say about his exhibition of our kind of art.

Any clues?

Maybe this:

A painting is nearly nothing, but like a reflection in a mirror it exerts an enormous fascination. The mirror isn’t broken: instead of shards we simply have more mirrors.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mazatlán Monthly News Roundup

In between making movies we still have the time to draw your attention to what's happenin' in and around Mazatlán. It is March and soon the clocks will change to allow us more sunlight at some part of the day and more night at others. It's all very confusing really. 

Guns and drugs are the scourge of our society and this month we uncover the extent of gun ownership amongst us.

Just to show MazReal is an unbiased news site we have invited far-right wing conservative  investigative journalist, part-time fascist, Ayn Rand nut and woman about town, Justine "Bill" Farnsworth. "Bill" who can only be seen at the best get-togethers, restaurants and art happenings, has unearthed and brings to you an alarming truism. An alarming truism she claims she unearthed while nosing around the bathrooms and bedroom drawers at expatriate parties - 

North Americans and many other nations love guns. 

She takes up the story.

"Pemsi, my  beautiful youthful Nepalese boy-servant and I spent the next weeks in a state of complete excitement, baking up a storm in the kitchen. I can only conclude that I overestimated the absorbency of Yak butter oatcakes, since I have no recollection of how we came to be found in Angel Peralta Cemetery the next morning, nor what we were doing naked on that mausoleum, with most of our clothes and rubber accoutrements scattered  from the main gate gate like a trail of crumbs in a fairytale. The police seemed satisfied at my explanation that I was demonstrating to the fine-boned youth an early pagan ritual celebrating the rising sun by discarding our earthly clothes. 500 pesos sent the naughty men on their way.

Back to guns. My curiosity was piqued on seeing a picture of the stunningly beautiful hero of mine, Sarah 'Grizzly Mama' Palin smilingly caressing a high powered sniper rifle after ending the life of a rabid bear staked to the ground and a herd of vicious grazing domesticated Caribou while lying at a safe distance of a mile or two."We all got to eat." she said "And us Alaskonians have got good appetites." she added.
Women with guns? That's what I endeavoured to find out in this tranquil village of Centro Mazatlán. We all know that our nation north, south, east and west of the border love guns, we all know men love guns, ritually rubbing themselves all over in gun oil, caressing the barrels and getting off on the smell of cordite from discarded shells and I was determined to prove that us women are equally enamoured by guns but not necessarily the gun oil part of it. And we all agree that we need a closet stacked with guns to protect us from something or other. So I feverishly invited myself to all the parties in Centro to find out the truth.

Teenager Arngunnur Maliiinannguaggua originally from Yukon by way of Iceland demonstrates how to give the person on the other end of her 12 bore shot gun the steely eye to show that she really means business and will not hesitate to take a potential drunk's head off with a double barrel of buckshot if they so much as offer to buy her a tall latte down at the Looney Toons Beanpole on the Malecón. 

"The animal from this coat I am wearing was at the receiving end of this very gun not so long ago." she added.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

MazReal Productions.................

MazReal Productions are away making a movie. You'll see it in all its gory here...............

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Magic Lantern Carnival 2013 ................

The wheel has turned, Carnival is here again and Mazatlán is in a state of high excitement. 

"The twinkling strings of coloured fairy lights promising us soup and warm hearth flies or is it fires, triggering in us a response that takes us back to our privileged childhoods and a Mediterranean red roof-tiled roof over our smiling upturned glowing faces. Walking down the pre-carnival malecón bathed in the warm light from those multi coloured shining hardbinge drinkers we break out in good-hearted gales of laughter and hand over all our pesos in a spontaneous burst of charity to that bare-arsed lady of the street we see everyday sleeping in the most unexpected place and the other wheelchair lady demanding money outside Santander Bank who has had a weeping leg for the last 12 years. Oh those finely built alpine wooded soon-to-be overflowing 'bathrooms' that bring a wonderous glow to our ruddy cheeks ...........(my God Mather! Enough of this crap. Tone it down for christ's sake - the editor.)

2013 MazReal entertainment correspondent Mather 'Dudley' Mathers is there to bring it alive without the rose tinted memories of his happy childhood being bathed by his Shona servants in colonial Zimbamboo Africa. Salud to you too Mather! Keep it simple.

"Mathers reporting. MazReal CEO - El Duke of Zenda - last year sacked the disgraced 2012 entertainment contributor - Zeke Fandango - for suggesting that to add some life to the carnival the prospective queens should each be given a machete, place them in the Bull Ring surrounded by baying males and let them get on with a Battle Royale where the last standing or even kneeling bloodied woman would be crowned the Queen of the Royal Machete and equally give the Laughing Kings a flamethrower and send them into the hills wherein they may toast each other to a crisp in a Fire Royale and not bother to come back. 

These ideas caused a lot of offence as did the accompanying picture* (see it again below) of a hopeful smiling queen wielding a blood soaked weapon with the catchline - Muses With Machetes. 

Culturas as we now know never did reply to Zeke's emails with the suggestions because as we all know this year we are back with the normal stuff.

Our photographer has been out and about and brings you these shots of the the atmosphere of what promises to be a carnival likened to your grandmother birthday. We all dread its annual coming but put on a brave face nonetheless and wear the required bright colored fire hazardous wigs and large plastic spectacles and pretend we are having a fantastic time.

more wonderful carnival happenings after the break

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Even Quicker Restaurant Review - Molika

I swung by Molika thrice in the last two weeks and had an Angus beef burger on one day and duck on the other two. 

The beefburger was so tasty I nearly went for seconds there and then and the duck with salad niçoise was so perfectly under cooked as it should be that I couldn't stop thinking about it so I returned and had another a few days later.  It is so easy to fuck up duck and over-cook it and then it becomes tough and a waste of time but Hector's was perfect.

©2013 Jacques Tati 

Quick Restaurant Review - El Presidio

If you want a fantastic meal of Mexican cuisine or just fine eating at a great price in Mazatlán this is the only place to go. El Presidio Restaurant and it's Chef Diego is on Niños Heroes in Centro. That street with Wing's Army and its deep fried frozen food and the expensive pizza joint La Mona also owned by Rodrigo who owns this place ( I was recently in New York and had a fantastic pizza there at half the price of La Mona's).

Now that El Presidio is up and running you can just walk straight passed all the other restaurants in town (maybe you will think twice when passing Molika where I would still choose if I wanted simply great tasting European food from its fantastic chef who took care of things at The Four Seasons in fancy London) without giving them a second glance and head up the road to this one. 

There is no sign out the door except just inside a nice guy with a menu and a secret agent radio earpiece and if you haven't booked in advance he will probably speak into his microphone, nod his head and send you on your way with a polite "Sorry. We're full up."

more fine food after the break

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monthly Mazatlán Round-Up

MazReal's monthly round-up of local news comes at a time when this fine city is at it's fullest with our delightful friends the expats. Swooningly handsome Jim 'Knees' MacTavish and our stunningly beautiful Nigellisima talk food, cheeky Nate Slapper takes you to Cuba and adventurous explorer dangerman Dick 'Dangerman' van Dyck risks his neck riding our delighful public transport.

RESTAURANTS - The All-You-Can-Eat Craze

Sushi from The 貪欲な

There are a number of things that bother people who eat at restaurants. The main being that you can never get enough. But that problem has been eliminated by "All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants' popping up all over the place where everyone that encounters the problematic 'lack-of-food-on-your-plate problem' can swing by and eat until you throw up then eat some more.

Sushi generally comes in such tiny proportions that it can be very frustrating when the steep bill comes and you realize that that was it! So you take the fastest pulmonia over to MucDonalds in NoMa and fill the gaps in your stomach that the tiny portions of sushi failed to fill with the  salty crap they serve there. 

In Japanese society the making of sushi is generally considered to be an art form that combines visual presentation with flavour hence the high prices. But here in Mazatlán that problem of eating practical and functional art has also been eliminated in bypassing the visual delights of colour and form and filling your table with long thin pink and grey things chopped into bite size chunks. 

The latest is a sushi restaurant called THE貪欲な豚 near the Plaza Dominguez.  THE貪欲な豚 is a well kept secret because the members of the shadowy あなたがクラブを食べることができるすべてのhave kept it so secret and dark that only they know where it is. The door is black and the wall is black and at night it is invisible.

THE 貪欲な豚 is an intimate joint run by a good friend of mine Yohei Hanaya Jnr. great grandson of the famous sushi maker from the 18th century. Yohei or YoHey to his friends used to be big in the Tokyo branch of the Yakuzi (Jacuzzi bathing gangsters) where he was bath attendant. YoHey escaped Japan by the skin of his teeth after boiling alive five gangsters when he went outside for a cigarette after forgetting to switch on the heat thermostat for the jacuzzi. He found his way to the docks after befriending a gang of sailors he picked up at Vitrolas' Japanese branch in the Tokyo docks and worked his passage on a Mazatlán shrimp boat that had got lost and found its way to Japan. On the return crossing he learned the art of serving shrimp sushi to the Mexican shrimp sailors and also had a part time job as a rent boy serving the hunky seafarers. They befriended him and helped him set up THE 貪欲な豚 with shrimp cartel money, it is said. But don't mention it because the shadowy あなたがクラブを食べることができるすべての have ears everywhere.

This is not the actual restaurant. But it will serve food kind of similar to this in a different kind of restaurant that is not as clean as this one in Singapore.

THE貪欲な豚 is small and has the gloomy mystique of an East Asian backstreet brothel and opium den with it's blood stained ceiling, floor and walls, bare-flamed Angor Wat wall candles, bare-arsed Malay waiters and a 52 inch flat screen TV and video pumping out ear-bleeding music and unintelligible classic Japanese 日本映画 movies. Heavy Mediaeval furniture and refectory tables are scattered haphazardly around and the atmosphere alludes to a private bawdy London East End Victorian slum pub except in one corner where a burbling tank filled with gurgling fish alludes to a Beijing street market for it is from this bubbling, ganurdeling tank that your meal will sometimes originate. (That is if you order the baby crocodile sushi)

But hey we are getting diverted with inane chit chat - we are forgetting the food. If, like me, you and me have a dose of cold turkey for want of food, any food, since visiting the all-you-can-eat breakfast at Hotel Freeman an hour back, then you, like me, like you, we and me are in luck. Because once you settle in, your table is soon groaning with stuff. Stuff that looks like sushi, and maybe is, or maybe not, but probably is because this is a sushi joint. 

It's soooo much fun because it has now become a guessing game and you may be eating anything including delicate slices of glistening raw horse meat recently shipped in from France sitting on a bed of sea cucumbers and Galapagos puffer fish livers or rice wrapped in salivating  Easter Island sea weed, Chilian sea urchin tongues and veal just shipped in from Tuscany. Or it may be big chunks of pink gleaming Firth-Of-Forth farmed SalmonTrout literally slathered in a mouth-watering fricassee of Thames River eel and Cod roe recently shipped in from the Great Barrier Reef in StraliaLand all served on a pristine mountain of heavenly steamed rice recently picked grain by grain by galley slaves from YokoOnoLand. 

Who knows what the hell it is that is passing into your salivating, gaping jaws, but my God is it good. So good in fact that it has turned hardened atheists into God fearing, bible punching Moonies.

So if you are low in funds and feel a yen for a belly full of 'sushi' and are passing by a black door on Calle Capitan y Tennille, why not slip in and get involved in the ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT fashion at THE貪欲な豚*

Small Print
Receptacles are handily provided to throw up in.
There is no cast iron guarantee that this is actually a 'sushi' restaurant.
* see Google Translate

Smaller Print.
This restaurant does not exist except in the mind of our 'food writer' Jim 'Knees'' MacTavish. So no suing MazREal when you cannot find it in your craze to locate food to fill your stomach.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Images We Liked In 2012 From Around Mazatlán

Mazatlán does not only comprise the square kilometre of two of Centro.  Beyond the Centro frontier there are some visual delights to be had and here are some of them from this last year and beyond...................

This extended gallery (one of two) just goes to show what an eclectic, interesting, colourful and surprising city this place is.

more luverly stuff after the break

all images ©Matt Mawson

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