Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Figures seen in Our Virgin's Eyes? Or is it Pareidolia?

Pareidolia is a type of delusion or misperception involving a vague or obscure stimulus being perceived as something clear and distinct. For example seeing Ronald Reagin in a cinnamon bun or a potato that looks like Ganesh or human figures seen in the Virgin of Guadalupe's eyes that testify to the fact that the tale of Juan Diego was true. His image was imprinted on her tilma and to add to the authenticity an image of him and others was imprinted on her eyes.

"According to many scientists who have inspected the image, it seems that in her eyes, in both of them and in the precise location as reflected by a live human eye, could be seen many figures that have been extensively analyzed and seem to correspond to the shape and size ofhuman figures located in front of the image.”

Like other relics, all sorts of claims to support supernatural characteristics are promoted by the faithful. What the faithful see in the eyes of The Virgin of Guadalupe is simply pareidolia.

Horatio tells it how it is.

Here's some more famous examples:

Man on the Cydonia region on Mars. With a creepy name like Cydonia why wouldn't there be a big man.

Jesus in toast

Person in my bathtub. This really bothers me every time I want to relax in the bath.  I now keep my swimming kit on.

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  1. LOLRFL!

    I loved the last picture. I have always thought that the electric sockets are watching me all of the time!


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